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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient traditional japanese method of rebalancing and revitalizing the life force energy that animates all living things including the human body. ?

What happens when you are out of balance with your life force energy?

Any number of things can have been affected when you are out of balance with your energy.  For instance, you may be feeling anything from lythargy to  pain in your body, foggy in your head to digestive problems.  The point being that when the bodies energy is not flowing as it should your body will eventually start to feel out of balance and generally not well, what ever that might show up as.  

What happens in a Reiki treatment?

The Practitioner has the client lie down on a massage table fully clothed.  The treatment begins as a soothing, relaxing and peaceful session.  the practitioner puts her hands on the clients at specific points on the clients body where their energy centers are located, called chakras.  These chakras influence energy movement and the fruition of the practitioners intention to move stuck energy that is causing unwellness with the clients body experience.  With out  getting into too much detail, it is generally a very zen like, restfull time for the client.  At no time does the practitioner place ther hands in any inappropriate locations on the clients body.

What are the effects of a Reiki treatment?

 The claims are vast but from my hands on experience and that of my many clients, it is clear that you could expect to leave a session feeling energized, lighter, clearer thinking, very relaxed and de-stressed, tensions in the body either faded or gone entirely, moods inhanced, and any heavy emotions altered.  Like I said, the claims are vast and ever client is different.  Most people come with a specific intention  and most clients will leave with relief , at least on some level regarding that specific intention.  People come for treatments for anything from, increasing their healing process after surgery, recovery from major illnesses, aiding in the healing processes of disease, or even healing after a divorce or loss of a family member or loved one.  Reiki can be beneficial at any stage and experience in life and is part of your very own sacred journey.  I encourage you to delve into this realm of healing to uncover what healing you may be requiring in your unique way.


What is Shamanic Reiki?

Shamanic Reiki is a combination of traditional Reiki methods used in conjunction with the traditions of Shamanism for the purpose of heitening the outcomeof a client when coming for a helaing session.  Shamanism is the age old healing modality not only honoring mother earth and the natural healing properties of nature for the sake of returning to your state of balance and well-being but also "Journeying" to the dreamtime or alternate realities  of the client to do direct healing work on specific issues if known.  Or if not known, then findig out what the deeper hidden issues may be.  The two modes of healing together, in my experience have taken healing to a much more significant level for most clients.  Journeying, though seems similar to meditation is actually the shaman traveling to your dreamtime with and or for you,  The client need not involve themselves in the journeying but if they are willing can certainlyjoin in the journeying to the depths of the lower, upper or middle worlds to access valuable information and do corrections and healings from there.  It is an interactive and empowering process that leaves the client feeling better aquainted with themselves and the divine nature of the natural world around them.  I highly recomment this type session for anyone who is a nature or animal lover.  These types of experiences change people lives and how they live them.

What is Health Kinesiology and Muscle Testing?

Health Kinesiology is a form of Muscle Testing to allow a persons own body to determine its best course of action to incure healing where the body desides it needs it and in what priority order.  It also is a way to assertain and do corrections directly through accupressure points.  It deals with the whole person and not just the physical.  Corrections can be made to the physical in addition to mental , emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of the whole being.  It really is a limitless senerio when it comes to possible healing similarly to all the other modalities listed on this website.  When working together with these modalities it covers the needs of many or all modes of thought and belief regarding healing potential.  Let your body tell you what it is capable of and how to best allow for it ot heal in harmony with your particular needs and desires.

What is Reiki distance healing?

Distance healing is a way of channelling energy by way of intention to reach a person who is in need of healing energetically.  Energy is bound by the same laws as we understand.  It works by way of clear intention and focus.  think of twins who have been separated at birth and always feel the absence of one another.  Or a Mother who knows the minute her child has been harmed miles or even cities away.  Energy is invisible but it is there and it runs between you and the other person on the recieving end of the intention anywhere in the world without acception.  So healing can happen by untilizing this energy highway to help anyone anytime.  And that is why prayer is provabe powerful.  Even greater when there are multiple people holding the same intention to help someone to heal.  It is effective, immediate and unlimited in its nature.  Consider that in the moments when you feel helpless  to assit or if you need some help your self.

How often should I go for treatment?

Like any treatments, I encourage my clients to understand that, though rapid healing is possible, it is not always likely.  You need time to heal and to process.   Rushing is usually part of the problem and rushing your healing process is not going to work for you.  The frequency of your treatments is entirely up to you the client,  All physical, mental and emotional healing is different for each person and should be considered by both the practitioner and the client together.  Just as no two snow flakes are the same, no two people are the same.