The Light House Clinic And Wellness Workshop

For Mind/Body/Spirit

Alison Chudleigh


My name is Alison Chudleigh and I began working in my field of Massage Therapy in 1996 and continues on with energy healing/body work and began facilitating workshops and courses in 2008.  I dedicated much of my  time and energy to studying and practicing the art of healing in many vast and amazing modalities and philosophies.  I started my own business over two decades ago and have transformed and evolved in many ways as a practitioner and instructor.  I have now encroached on the next most incredible part of my journey as a healer.  It is now the time for me to share my knowledge and experience with as many people as possible.

I continue to do treatments on a one-on-one basis and have loved that part of my journey very much. Observing profound healing and recovery from so many of my clients has been a gift to me.  I am grateful for my many years of beautiful and joyful work as a practitioner and  instructor and look forward to many more.  I am the proud  owner and operator of "The Light House Clinic and Wellness Workshop".

I offer various spirituality and self discovery oriented workshops including but not limited to Emotional Freedom Technique, Shamanic and Traditional Reiki Treatments along with Balancing Meridians and Muscle Testing and various Specialized Kinesiology techniques and methodologies such as body Talk and Touch for Health and more.  You'll find that all treatments are different and all clients experience something unique.  It is as individual as the clouds in the sky.  I encourage you to explore your spiritual journey in different ways by becoming more in tune with your body and it's acute messages of  wisdom and that it is trying to tell you where you are really at from a grander perspective.  Sharpen your intuitive nature and all your senses to know yourself fully.  Connect with your natural environment and tweak that which is causing you to stagnate or become stuck.  Let go of the old, the past that so often weighs us down and keeps us from welcoming the new in our lives.

 Nourish and care for your body, understand your mind and it's true role in your present and future.  Attune to your spirit that holds your true nature and it's highest purpose.  Live a life of joy and peace through caring for your self and learning more about how to return to feeling  whole and fulfilled.  Explore some of the offerings available through The Light House and ensure your body is in balance and it's healthiest through the treatments I practice.  But Mostly,  "BE STILL AND KNOW"



As well as the specialized Kinesiologys and Touch for Health, I have increased my practice to include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). All of which are Eastern meets Western traditions of regaining and maintaining health, using Muscle Testing to Balance and make needed corrections to the Body and the Being or an incredible and simple method of tapping to activate the meridian system in conjunction with your neurology to remove emotional barriers keeping you from feeling well and fully functioning.  As I continue to further my knowledge base and experience with new methodologies and procedures, I am seeing more and more how empowered we are in our health and in our minds.  I have been witness to many powerful and transformational situations when engaging in these healing processes.  I believe there is much opportunity for people of all levels of skeptasism and caution to experience healing in what ever way is needed.  There  is a whole universe of  potential hidden within each of us just waiting to be unvailed.  I encourage all who seek better health, more energy, greater peace and love in their lives to consider allowing this opportunity of change within by exploring the modalities I am offering here.  "SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND", "ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE"